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Meet your coach, Jonathan Shopik

Welcome to Iron V Athletics! My goal is to help you with all aspects of your fitness journey, including your mindset. The key components to my coaching are to tackle the tough issues that stop so many from entering the fitness world. My focus is not only on the way you look, but rather, the way you feel. I want to help you find your “why,” the reason that you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have a rare form of arthritis called AS, that tries to fuse my bones together over time. One of the main ways I tackled my inflammation was by going vegan two years ago. I was afraid to do this at first because I thought it would make me lose muscle and strength, a myth that we’ve all been taught. But with meat and dairy linked to so many health issues, it ended up being the best decision of my life. Although I know not everyone in the world can go vegan (allergies, eating disorders, indigenous culture, disabilities, etc), if you are interested in the benefits of a plantbased diet, I can help. I also coach many non-vegan clients and will create a plan tailored to your wants and needs. I welcome all levels of fitness from beginners to bodybuilders. With a science-based approach, I will work with you to build a custom plan to reach your goals, ensuring that they are also sustainable. Bodybuilding is my passion and I love helping people gain strength and confidence in what their bodies are capable of.

My motto here is “work on your body because you love yourself, not because you hate the way it looks.”


Platinum package

 *Guaranteed results and lasting lifestyle changes
3 month transformation

3 month commitment

Save $20/month when paid in full

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Your personalized online program includes:
  • Customizable nutrition plan
  • Training (Home or gym plans)
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Fitness and mindset coaching
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Text or call support with ongoing coaching to build accountability and integrity (24/7)
  • App access and private facebook group

Gold package

2 month transformation

2 month commitment

Paid in full

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Your personalized online program includes:
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Supplementation
  • Fitness and mindset coaching
  • Bi-weekly check-ins
  • Text or call support with ongoing coaching to build accountability and integrity (Monday-Friday)

Silver package

1 on 1 Month to month coaching

$309.99 per month

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Your personalized online program includes:
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Fitness and mindset coaching
  • Bi-weekly check-ins
  • Text support reply within 6-8 hours


Jonathan has been my coach for 6 months now, and I feel amazing. He listens and gives me a realistic approach for my lifestyle to reach my goals. I am closer to my goal every day and it feels so wonderful that I am on a healthier track.

Coach Jon helped me get back into the gym after many years without it, I gained the confidence to step back in to working out 4 days a week and I have already gained some strength!

I’ve been in a mental and physical slump for a LONG time and though I’m just starting with Jon, I can already see changes with my mindset when it comes to eating and working out. Check him out, friends!

I added my progress photos and wow I am in shock! A whole inch added to my glutes, I did not think I would see such big changes so quickly. I am so happy with the results!

I’ve struggled with feeling healthy this entire year. I don’t even know how to explain the mental breakthrough I’ve had- Having Jon as my coach is helping me build a mindset to last a lifetime

I am so proud of how much I’m eating as of late, slowly getting my appetite back & having a meal plan helps me so much because its all planned for me so I don’t have to think or worry about the nutrition side of it

The check in days with Jon really help me with my body dysmorphia, I always think I look worse than I do, Since I am result orientated that always makes me fall off. He helps me see what I did right and celebrate those wins while also adding improvements we can make.

a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

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Client perks

What you get when you sign up for coaching

Iron V clients gain personal experience as we grow our professional relationship. At Iron V, you are not just a number. You are valued.

App access

Access to my app which has your whole plan laid out conveniently on your phone.

Progress reports

Bi-weekly progress reports to help build accountability and new healthy habits.

Workout plans

Workout plans for home or to match the equipment your workout facility has.

Text or call support

Book a call or Facetime whenever you need coaching.

Mindset coaching

Including practicing gratitude to work towards the goal of you enjoying your fitness routine.

Supplement/vitamin recommendations

Supplement & vitamin recommendations plus discounts for them in Canada and USA.



For free wellness advice and stretch exercises.


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